AC/DC 1976-08-24 Marquee Club, London, UK (Flac)

AC/DC 1976-08-24 Marquee Club, London, UK

Marquee Club, London, UK
Audience recording of AC/DC’s show at the Marquee Club, London, on 24 August 1976, a stop on their 1976 UK Summer Tour, supported by Valhalla.  The tickets were a meagre 85p!  The venue, with a capacity of 700, had 1000 in attendance. The show is incomplete unfortunately, with the first three songs missing – “Live Wire”, “Rock’n’Roll Singer” and “She´s got Balls”.  The sound quality is far better than on torrent #311446 – a lot beefier and with more presence, and no evident noise reduction (I found the other one to have a metallic sound all the way through, inlcuding the bonus tracks).  Bon’s banter with the audience is far clearer and easier to understand.  The music does sound oddly slow, although the pitch is spot on.  Compared to the other one (without the bonus tracks), this one is 42:10 as compared to about 40 mins (without the bonus tracks): however, the discrepancy is not uniform with the track lengths, so this may also be the more complete show. 

1. School Days <5:18>
2. Problem Child <5:22>
3. The Jack <7:54>
4. Rocker <4:10>
5. High Voltage <6:27>
6. Baby Please Don’t Go <12:57>


Lineage: audience recording of unknown provenance > unknown fiddling about over the years > flac file received in trade > wav > cool edit pro (tracks separated) > wav > flac

Artwork included.

Please do not convert to mp3, except (if you really must) for personal use.  Please don’t share mp3s of this on other sites.