INXS 1986-05-19 Odeon Birmingham, UK (Flac)

Birmingham Odeon
19th May 1986

Audience recording

Taper: Unknown

Lineage: Cassette>Cdr>Eac>Flac(TLH)>Dime>You!

Set List:


1.Same direction
2.This soul
3.Send a message
4.Kiss the dirt
5.Do what you do
6.Biting bullets
7.Melting in the sun
8.Original sin
9.Love is what i say
10.Listen like thieves
11.Dancing on the jetty


12.Shine like it does
13.Burn for you
14.The one thing
15.One x one
16.This time
17.What you need
18.Johnson’s aeroplane
19.Red red sun
20.Different world
21.The swing
22.Don’t change