Jim Morrison – The Lost Paris Tapes (STU/FLAC)

Jim Morrison – The Lost Paris Tapes (STU/FLAC)

Jim Morrison – The Lost Paris Tapes
(Studio FLAC)

01. Session Start (0:16)
02. In That Year… [False Start] (1:02)
03. In That Year… (3:00)
04. Bird Of Prey (1:55)
05. Tape Noon (2:22)
06. Whiskey, Mystics And Men (3:38)
07. Orange County Suite (5:34)
08. All Hail The American Night (5:57)
09. The American Night (0:34)
10. The Holy Sha (0:37)
11. Hitler Poem (0:44)
12. Can We Resolve The Past (1:55)
13. Always A Playground Instructor (1:32)
14. There’s A Belief… (0:25)
15. Indian, Indian… (0:18)
16. Woman In The Window (2:40)
17. She’s Selling News… (1:11)
18. Science Of Night (0:24)
19. Tales Of The American Night (0:36)
20. Now Listen To This (0:46)
21. Babylon Fading (0:39)
22. Thank You, O Lord (0:35)

23. Warm Up & Tuning (4:30)
24. “Starting Now!” (1:14)
25. Orange County Suite (8:41)

26. Graveyard Poem (0:50)
27. The Politics Of Ecstacy (0:10)

28. Earth, Air, Fire, Water (0:53)

29. Dawn’s Highway (3:57)
30. Phone Booth (2:29)

A Pdf file of Morrison’s notebook, The Paris Journal
3 text files by the original uploader (ffp, Info, and Works cited.txt)

I am adding:
Cover and Tray scans
A transcript of the Jomo And The Smoothies recording (Wordfile)
1 text file (The Lost Paris Tapes.txt)
A 17:18 min recording of the “Celebration Of The Lizard” piece in MP3 format because regardless of the format this one is simply Awesome!

The Lost Paris Tapes:

In 1995, the original tapes were bought by a German fan for $10,000.

On 11th March 1971, Jim Morrison arrived in Paris. In Mid June, during his usual walks he found a recording studio on the streets of St. Germain des Pres. He returned on 16th June to listen to a reel to reel of the March 1969 LA Poetry Session. Stepping out for drinks he met 2 American guitarists at the Cafe de Flore, bought them a drink and invited them back to the studio. He’s supposed to have told the engineer they were his own band “Jomo And The Smoothies” and paid for an hour of recording.

The warm up, tuning and a very weird version of “Orange County Suite” was recorded on tape. After cutting the tape they left the studio and went seperate ways. Jim wanted to go for more drinks but didn’t wanna carry the bag around and risk losing it so he decided to pay his friend Phillipe who lived around the corner a visit.

They shared a few drinks and copied some poetry tapes on cassette. When Jim left he carried the two cassettes but forgot original two reels. One was the poetry tape – the master copy from Elektra Records’ archives, and the master of the recording he and the musicians had just made as Jomo And The Smoothies. Phillipe seems to have run after him to return the bag but as Jim was already going down in the lift, he’s supposed to have asked Phillipe to keep it till he’d collect it later.

Jim Morrison died 2 weeks later. The bag that was left with Phillipe consisted in addition to the two reels, his Paris Journal, Private photos, and 2 newspaper articles. The bag remained in Phillipe’s cupboard till he attend Morrison’s 50th Birthday Celebrations in Paris in 1993.