Blake 2003-04-18 Helsinki, Finland FLAC/AUD

Gloria, Helsinki, FIN
April 18th, 2003

Recorded by Scott Heller on an Sharp Minidisc recorder with Core Sound Cardiod Microphones. MD transfered to the PC computer and EQ’d and burned to CD.
CD extracted with EAC.


01 I’ll Take You
02 Cosmic
03 Fireroot
04 Not the one
05 Beggar’s Farm
06 Ground
07 Man is a planet
08 Healer

(this upload comes to you by courtesy of doctor space and the hanwaker — a co-op for the time being)

hanwaker upload to dime 2019-01


Blake’s first and foremost inspiration is 70’s style riff tradition, ingeniously complemented with heavy duty roots blues and topped with progressive psychedelia. Once formed in 2001, Blake has released four highly appreciated albums and the latest one, named “Sa7urnus” after the planet Saturn, was released through Stay Heavy Records on 12th November 2008.

Besides the extraordinarily intense studio sessions, Blake has also stacked up a tally of hundreds of gigs. Namely, the band has performed with various groups such as Black Label Society (USA), Cathedral (UK), Therapy? (IE), Mustasch (SWE) and Iggy Pop (USA). On top of that, Blake featured in HIM’s Helldone Festival line up in consecutive years of 2006 and 2007.

Furthermore, the history of Blake contains plenty of praise and reputation. Bam Margera used three Blake songs in his previous “Viva La Spring Break” TV show. The singer of Therapy?, Andy Cairns, nominated Blake as the next big heir of the Black Sabbath tradition.