The Divinyls 1990-12-22, Melbourne, Australia FLAC/AUD (2019 Transfer)

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The Divinyls
1990 I Touch Myself Tour

The Manhattan Hotel
Melbourne, Victoria
22nd December 1990

From One Off The Master Cassette

01. I’ll Make You Happy
02. Only Lonely
03. Lay Your Body Down
04. Need A Lover
05. Back To The Wall
06. Love School
07. Temperamental
08. Guillotine Day
09. Sleeping Beauty (Incomplete)
10. Make Out Alright (Incomplete)
11. Bless My Soul (It’s Rock & Roll)
12. Science Fiction
13. Siren
14. Boys In Town

Encores #1
15. I’m On Your Side
16. I Touch Myself

Encore #2
17. Pleasure & Pain
18. Hey Little Boy

Thanks To audiowhore for the 2019 Transfer

Recording By Andrew

Artwork By Waz From Oz


This tour was to promote the I Touch Myself single (which hit No 1 here in Australia on the 31st of December) as well as the upcoming self titled 4th album so this show is top heavy with songs from that album but they also throw in some older hit singles plus a rare semi acoustic number in the first set of encores.

IMHO this recording represents a typical 1980 – 1990’s Divinyls gig, with plenty of loud males making sexual comments to each other about Chrissy plus some aimed at Chrissy.
They may be loud & vulgar at times but IMHO they don’t interfere too much with the music but add to the atmosphere……somewhat.
Unfortunately at pub rock gigs drunks were common as muck as they could purchase drinks throughout the shows whilst progressively becoming dead set pissed as the show goes on.
A group of these charmers were situated near Andrew the taper & they remain there for the rest of the show voicing their comments every now & again.
At the start of Love School one of these dropkicks tells his mate to “Kick her on the back of her neck, I dare ya, go on she wants you to, kick her on the back of the neck”.
No idea what that bit of vocal violence was about, maybe Chrissy was laying down on the stage with her back to them.
Who knows.

That old chestnut “Show us ya tits!” makes an occasional airing, you’ll hear other gems as “She’ll probably come back & feel herself or feel myself”.
And that traditional Australian greeting “Fuck off you cunt” can be heard amongst other filthy comments!

He told me that these loud yobbos / bogans /rednecks / chavs discovered him recording the show, but they didn’t get uppity about it just nosey curious, one of these dropkicks can be heard saying “What you got there?” when he spots the cassette recorder.
Just after he says this Sleeping Beauty cuts out, If I remember correctly Andrew said the guy went to have a innocent look at the recorder but instead knocked it to the floor fucking up the recording, resulting in missing most of Sleeping Beauty plus half of next number Make Out Alright before things could be rectified.
Before Pleasure & Pain just before the on stage DJ talks, one of them asks Andrew “Have you done this before?” (taping) Andrew indulges him by replying “Do it all the time”.
After the applause when the last song for the night Hey Little Boy has finished & the lights have come on the attentive drunk informs Andrew that he can now turn the recorder off!

I caught this tour in Sydney (I must have been going through my I’m tired & fed up of taping period as I regrettably didn’t tape it) also I can’t remember who was actually in the band at this stage.
Apart from Chrissy & Mark, I think maybe it’s Charley Drayton on drums but as for the others in the band at this time it’s a blank.
A clueless voice just before Back To The Wall asks “Are there any Aboriginals in the band?” so it could be a misguided reference to Charley.

Any help with who were in the Divinyls around December 1990 would be appreciated.

I traded this in the late 90’s but this 2019 version now surpasses that one.


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