cr@ss – moonlight club – 1980

**being deleted after this post.
This is the only non-official live CR@SS recording I own but I reckon it’s for completists [which i’m not]. Once it’s up here i’m deleting it from my hard drive so if you want a re-post, you’ll have to ask about.

moonlight club
8th march 80

mother earth
contaminational power
so what
big man, big M.A.N
hurry up garry
white punks on hope
they’ve got a bomb
upright citizen
shaved women
crutch of society
heard too much about
fight war not wars
the gasman cometh
you’ve got big hands
do they owe us a living
banned from the roxy
G’s song
punk is dead

**does anybody remember a few years age when Angelina Jolie and The Beckham’s were spotted wearing Crass tee shirts…wonder if anyone asked them what they’re favourite crass song was…anyway…that’s this bootleg gone