Yes 1991-05-11 Phoenix, AZ FLAC/AUD (James Malley Source)

Desert Sky Pavillion
Phoenix, AZ
May 11th, 1991

Recorded by James Malley using an SONY cassette recorder.
1st gen tape
this would be rec2 *
Transferred from a Yamaha KX-480 cassette deck to the computer using Logic 9 and the UAD apollo interface. NO EQ.
hanwaker 2019-02
corrected channel levels , reduced extreem peaks raised overall volume
this recording is in need off some subsonic filters to eliminate the low end rumblings thru out the show
I do not want to distribute a already tweaked version [.. but i did toy around and came to nice results]

Lineup: Anderson, Bruford, Howe, Kaye, Rabin, Squire, Wakeman, White,
*etree lists another source:
Audience master recording by David Homes
i do not know how this compares to Mr Homes capture

2hrs 33 min 13 secs

01 Firebird Suite
02 Yours is not disgrace
03 Rhythm of Love
04 Shock to the System
05 Heart of the sunrise
06 Clap->
07 Mood for a day
08 Make It Easy->
09 Owner Of a lonely Heart
10 And you and I
Set II
11 Drum solo Duet [White and Bruford]->
12 Hold on
13 I’ve seen all good people
14 Tony Kaye solo
15 Changes
16 Solly’s Beard (Trevor Rabin solo)
17 Long distance runaround->
18 Whitefish->
19 Amazing grace
20 Lift me Up
21 Rick Wakeman Solo
22 Awaken
23 Roundabout ( cuts @very end)

(this upload comes to you by courtesy of doctor space and the hanwaker — a co-op for the time being)

hanwaker upload to dime 2019-02!rnJ2DKZL!d4Jx7kuEePWFEV0kB8Qurg