Paul Simon 2018-07-15 London, England FLAC/AUD (Combo of 2 sources)

Paul Simon
British Summer Time
Hyde Park
London, England
July 15, 2018

This recording is a combination of 2 different sources:

track 01 ‘America’ till 18 ‘You Can Call Me Al’:
Recorded by elmichi
Tascam DR-40
Edit with Cubase to wav. Foobar to FLAC 8.

Track 19 ‘Late In The Evening’ till track 27 ‘The Sound Of Silence’:
Recorded by Daspyknows
Diamond VIP-Back Rail Dead Cener (Appx 40 feet from stage)
Schoeps MK4/NBox PLatinum DR-2D 24 Bit 48K
Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2018.74

Notes elmichi:
I used Daspyknows recording from track 19 till the end as I found them better than mine. The other
tracks from Daspyknows were recorded mono by accident so my recordings were better on the first 18 songs.

For my own recordings I did extensive editing to remove any destracting noise as far as possible
(mostly compressor and volume change). I applied a little EQ to remove some too loud bass. Furthermore
I sometimes mixed in the recording of Daspyknows in my tracks when it was usefull for removing unwanted
noise (wind mostly) and keeping the music, this was mostly only neccesary a little bit on ‘Rene and Georgette
Margritte’, ‘Can’t Run But’, ‘Cool Cool River’, ‘Diamonds’ and ‘You Can Call Me All’, I tried to do this as
fluently as possible but while you can notice the sound changes it was better here than the noise for me.
I didn’t edit the recordings of Daspyknows from song 19 till the end, these were good already.

I recorded with Tascam DR-40 from about row 3 left from the center (after being caught in Amsterdam Ziggo Dome first
night I was afraid my recorder would be seen by one of security guys if I would go front row). I was a little afraid at
first if the people on the right of me wouldn’t talk but when the concert began they stopped during the songs luckily.
I found some space where not really anyone was standing near me between me and the speaker hanging in front of me so I tried to
keep the recorder higher in my hands and directing to the speaker most of the time, so the sound is pretty direct overall I think,
with some songs better than others.

01. America
02. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
03. The Boy in the Bubble
04. Dazzling Blue
05. That Was Your Mother
06. Rewrite
07. Mother and Child Reunion
08. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
09. Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War
10. Can’t Run But
11. Bridge Over Troubled Water
12. Wristband
13. Spirit Voices
14. The Obvious Child
15. Questions for the Angels
16. The Cool, Cool River
17. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
18. You Can Call Me Al
19. Late in the Evening
20. Still Crazy After All These Years
21. Graceland
22. Crowd
Encore 2:
23. Homeward Bound
24. Kodachrome
25. The Boxer
26. American Tune
27. The Sound of Silence

Notes from Daspyknows:
Day 4 of the taping vacation. After the Eric Clapton set I had a week
in London until the last day of taping. The week was spent getting together
with 2 London tapers SirMick and Humbug, visiting lots of pubs, eating and
drinking (great Jamaican food and Hong Kong style Chinese food in Chinatown),
sightseeing (Jimi Hendrix museum and Abbey Road were highlights), watching
the World Cup and on Friday going to the march with a friend. I had spent
the week trying to decide whether to go to BST on Friday for Van Morrison
or attend the march. Van was not the headliner (it was Michael Buble who is
of no interest to me). By Wednesday I decided the march was a better way to
spend the day. I made the right decision for two reasons. The march was a
great experience. A friend came into London and we met. It was a festive
March with a large crowd that was a cross section of humanity. The streets
in London were blocked for vehicles and the march morphed into folks strolling
the streets once they completed the march. Pubs were packed and we hit a
number of them. By the time Van was on, the skies opened up with a torrential
rain shower for about 2 hours. I was glad not to be taping.

I woke up Sunday and made my way to Hyde Park early. I was in the front of the
line and soon, my new friends from Desert Trip found me and joined me on line.
The doors opened and they ran for the rail. I was held up by security and
searched thoroughly. They did not find any gear but it was an indication that
this day was not going to be as easy as the previous weeekend. I got to my
spot and settled in. The schedule indicated music was supposed to start at 1:50
but a bit before one a band was on stage for what I thought was a soundcheck. As
it turned out the band Wild Front started at 1PM. Since I did not know who they
were or if they were any good I discretely set up my gear while sitting alone
in the field. At that point I realized I was missing my taping hat so I just
used the canvas hat I was wearing and started recording. I also contacted my
friend whohad yet to leave the flat and had him bring my backup hat. Wild Front
was OK and I caught all but the first few minutes.

By now a few more people had shown up and chatted with my neighbors. My friends
upfront brought food and water and shortly after Ward Thomas came on my friend
arrived with my backup hat. The Ward Thomas set had its moments and the two women
had nice voices. I spent the set waiting to switch hats but I wasn’t going to do
it there. Finally, the set ended and ran to the bathroom to switch hats and
change to a change to a dry shirt as it was hot and I was already sweaty and gross.

The third band up was Johhny Flynn and The Sussex Wit. I thought by now the day
would be easy and the hard part was over. As it turns out I was mistaken. The
set was OK and everything went fine. This was a set that I do not expect to
listen to again, but my philosophy is to record everything because there is
always some one who will really be happy I recorded. The sound was good so the
recording came out very nice. Once I got through this set my day was ready to

Next up was Bonnie Raitt who was the artist I wanted to see most on the day’s
schedule. It was great to see her back on the road after missing shows due to
health issues.I also found it interesting to see her on the big stage since I
see her a few times a year at “home” shows in front of friends and family. She
made mention of the crowd with sarcasm by saying “I love playing these club shows”.
She sounded great, the sound was dialed in and the band was on fire. The first
few songs were not ones I would have picked for her set list but once she started
I Believe I’m In Love With You by the Fabulous Thunderbirds the rest of the set
list I really enjoyed. I enjoyed here take on Love Letter, Angel of Montgomery
was performed with emotion and she concluded here abbreviated set with a cover
of the Talking Head’s Burning Down the House that burned down the house.

After Bonnie left the stage the area behind be between the Gold Circle and Diamond
VIP had a large number of security people show up. Up to this point security
behind me faced back to the crowd but now they were also facing forward and just
a few feet away from me. Halfway through the break I turned everything on but I
didn’t start the recorder. As James Taylor came on stage I forgot I didn’t start
the recorder and couldn’t easily check. I didn’t realize until after the show I
missed James Taylor. So much for a perfect run. Between sets I am watching the
security guy checking me out closely. He even removed his sunglasses and checked
me out head to toe. Since he was 3 feet from me this was unnerving. I was able
to switch spots with my friend so he was 6 feet away.

I was able to start everything for Paul Simon but I did not get to check the
recorder until well into the set. It turns out one of the cables had come loose
so the first part was one channel. I repaired this by copying the good chennel.
Not perfect but better than James Taylor. I will admit, I didn’t really get to
enjoy the set as Paul Simon worked his way through his extensive catalogue because
I was very concerned about getting caught. On a number of occassions I could see
the guy looking in my direction so I texted my friend to pick up everything is I
decided to move before the encore. I actually stuck around for the first encore
but left towards the exit when the band left the stage. By the time they returned
for the second encore I was 30 feet in front of the right. It doesn’t sound as
good but at least I got away with it. So, while not my best effort it wasn’t a
complete fail.

That was the conclusion of one hell of a vacation. All that was left was the long
flight home.

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