Pink Floyd “Controls 1968” – 1DVD

pink floyd

“controls 1968”

london, unknown venue, 1968


=> 3 different takes plus 1 edit


SOURCE : 16 mm film with separate audio reel

LINEAGE: above > transfer to digital betacam > transfer to dvd


t. palmer filmed 3 takes of “controls” for his “all my loving” series.

– exact date is not known, october.1968 is very likely, but unconfirmed

– exact location is not known: def. not the tabernacle, more likely

a water sewage place in eastern london torn down since.

this torrent contains 3 untouched “rushes” that were on the reels

plus one version that was edited together from the 3. the other files

are necessary to give your dvd a simple menu.



“Users with partial downloads of either or both of these installments

can use the data that they already have to resume on the new torrent

and should not need to start over.” it should be possible to start the

torrent, then stop it and replace all the files inside the VIDEO_TS folder

with the files from the original two torrents. fingers crossed


after everything is downloaded, erase the info.txt, md5 and the

torrent files. next step with nero or any other software to burn

your dvd should be simple.

Download part 1 here

Download part 2 here

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