Stevie Ray Vaughan & Triple Trouble Stubb’s Barbecue, Lubbock, Texas December – 1978

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Triple Trouble
Stubb’s Barbecue, Lubbock, Texas
December – 1978

– Stubb’s Barbecue 1978

Low gen tape-> SONY TC we305-> sondblaster pc
CDWAVE-> flac-> you

Stevie Ray guitar-vocals
Lou Ann Barton Vocals
unknow drums
Jack Newhouse bass
Johnny Reno Sax

01 Guitar Hurricane
02 Tin Pan Alley
03 Thunderbird
04 Lost Your Good Thing Now
05 Shake For Me
06 Tell Me
07 (Rumba)
08 I’ll Change
09 Call On Me (may be called “Umph!”)
10 Hip Shake Baby
11 Stangs Swang
12 (Jazzy Instrumental)
13 Woke Up This Mornin
14 My Baby She’s Gone (may be called “Now Be Careful”)
15 I’m Crying
16 I’ve Tried Pretty Baby
17 Hug You Squeeze You
18 Rude Mood
19 Hideaway

track “Stevie Stubbs 197810″ was the empty space during the tape flip

Ok folks, here i am with a another shot from my original C-90 tape
( got a brand new S**Y tape deck..changed belts and now it’s working and sounding GOOD!

i think all the bootleg flooding around came from THIS tape…

( got this tape from an american frendly friend .–ST–..still here on dime?)
I did maybe my first torrent here long time ago with this file, if someone can do a better editing, do it!

here we have a splendid Youg Stevie, playing a Gibson 335 (?)
( my hear seez that)

..listening, once again, the tape. i discovered it’s NOT the recording of a single gig
but really a sampler made for a future ( aborted) recording

” you never do bloody noise, we’re tryng to make a record” can hear this sentence on the tape,

infact we have lot’s of cut-out/cut-in …so this is an aborted recording for a official release(?)


SRV first met Stubb when he was in his late teens.
He would regularly play at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q joint in Lubbock.
Stories abound about SRV regularly blowing his earnings, stranding himself in Lubbock.
Stubb would always empty his cash register and give all that he had to SRV so the kid could get back home to Austin.

Stubb loved the blues. The next time you feel like some slow and low guitar,
put on SRV’s “Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place In
SRV learned to play this song by listening to James Reed’s version on Stubb’s jukebox.

Hatch says:

The date for that would be the late 70’s.
Bands didn’t start playing Stubbs BBQ until after Jesse Taylor was picked up by Stubb
when he was hitch hiking one time. I believe that was in 77.
Then the jams started taking place at Stubbs. So I would place the photo to have been taken in 77 or 78 most likely.
Also when Stevie first started coming to Lubbock he lived both in Dallas

and the Austin areas. When in the Ely band we once were in between gigs and had no place to stay.
All the motels were book the night we came into town. So we just went to Stevie’s house
and plugged the bus into his electrical and spent the night in it.

That was in 78 I’m pretty sure. Here is a link to a picture of Stevie’s house in Oak Cliff
(taken in 2011well after SRV was playing in the forever band).