Yes 1994-08-17 Little Rock, AR FLAC/FM (16Bit/44Khz) (MASTER)

***** 44 khz / 16 bit version ***** (CD Version)
August 17, 1994 (1994-08-17)
Riverfest Ampitheater
Little Rock, Arkansas

01.[03:59] Opening
02.[02:45] Perpetual Change
03.[06:34] The Calling
04.[08:19] I Am Waiting
05.[06:58] Rhythm of Love
06.[09:56] Hearts
07.[10:16] Real Love
08.[10:31] Tony Kaye solo > Changes
09.[11:07] Heart of the Sunrise
10.[01:58] Jam > Make It Easy
11.[05:34] Owner of a Lonely Heart
12.[14:19] Trevor Rabin piano solo > And You And I
13.[08:38] Where Will You Be
14.[05:50] I’ve Seen All Good People
15.[05:52] Walls
16.[19:37] Endless Dream
17.[05:48] Roundabout

Total 2:18:08

Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Alan White
Trevor Rabin
Tony Kaye
with Billy Sherwood


5b935b15c334d19a074515f93a41912e *01 Taped Opening.flac
2a063f2a59441dde1a681836424bdfe6 *02 Perpetual Change jam.flac
7a66ebf360a25f104f97893b73106a3e *03 The Calling.flac
a7d45b62bcb45006445e5167894189d5 *04 I Am Waiting.flac
66e5257478fe3a10b75bc3deeff75f2e *05 Rhythm of Love.flac
ac1c56cf8af91a42fc1038f9ef3071ec *06 Hearts.flac
67c5cddbc4a9980c12c83b418b802290 *07 Real Love.flac
97a4f07652f310a03235561b06fbcd1d *08 Kaye piano solo – Changes.flac
b4c51e0cc55e3795ee92687bda453cc8 *09 Heart of the Sunrise.flac
bfca2b24e58542bc26df303e575fd7b8 *10 Make It Easy jam.flac
f4574bff523bf4c323dbd535e3f38f8b *11 Owner of a Lonely Heart.flac
2889e3013adf1acbbf2870f5ab3492aa *12 Rabin piano solo – And You And I.flac
ba497d18fc9bde10b3289f62dfce24ce *13 Where Will You Be.flac
ac53a85d08838d2c710e98d4e7c4a0e4 *14 I’ve Seen All Good People.flac
b75289c834b32740b142ecaeaadc36c1 *15 Walls.flac
7676eb42a24007d42b261cafe3a75675 *16 Endless Dream.flac
e0379e6c564408fd25cbd2f1bfda0fb6 *17 Roundabout.flac

01 Taped Opening.flac:4e94396c73f71cc449d66823ba8318ca
02 Perpetual Change jam.flac:de5a630e922fe1f9c2ce7c432b22355a
03 The Calling.flac:d1fb694884666b46f959bcea3bdfd9da
04 I Am Waiting.flac:7e7593cb54dd6f1ffe2479eea633f673
05 Rhythm of Love.flac:b51419eb3df9d008e711b3522c5b3eb1
06 Hearts.flac:34d16a8ce778038da0cd693ef410248a
07 Real Love.flac:5e43ca5dfc6e2c49f2fbe1b6467207af
08 Kaye piano solo – Changes.flac:006f9039841e73930040888ffa744ec6
09 Heart of the Sunrise.flac:a7c02e36bce8078db5689b628338ebfa
10 Make It Easy jam.flac:fd961b38e9fa4c08b392cd10b7212e03
11 Owner of a Lonely Heart.flac:65fee48ef96a98d24312c7433c57460a
12 Rabin piano solo – And You And I.flac:f63a65512c09f749b2e94e8b7cf04217
13 Where Will You Be.flac:765e5c304c3a2f23de9b9abb4531ebd4
14 I’ve Seen All Good People.flac:8fce000ed6c0b657c1dd47d0ccd0ba44
15 Walls.flac:08d54b94d80c5d9cbc501704a8b87a48
16 Endless Dream.flac:40ab549f8d5209a8ebc8dabbdf5c096b
17 Roundabout.flac:e52814bb46399c18884156c445a8ad19

ConcertSonics low-power FM broadcast -> Emerson CRS-25 walkman FM receiver -> Realistic Minisette 20 cassette tape recorder (mono) – > two Maxell XLII 100 minute cassettes -> Pioneer tape deck -> (signal routed through Pioneer VSX-452 receiver to add simulated stereo effect and some low-end EQ) -> Creative 1341 sound card -> CDwav (sample and track splits) -> GoldWave (normalization and fades in/out) -> Goldenhawk -> CD-R -> EAC -> Dropbox -> whotrader

This show suffers from some hiss and static, mostly at the start of the show, due to people on the lawn seats standing up or wandering around and blocking the signal. The start of Heart of the Sunrise has a big chunk of hiss due to the extended standing ovation given to Chris Squire. The show is complete except for the first few seconds of Walls. The false start at the end tag of And You and I is from Jon sneezing, no fault of Trevor.

This show is in mono due to the slapdash equipment that the poor college student (me) used to record it, with a good simulated stereo effect added. I traded this show around heavily on cassette tape in the mid 90’s, enough for it to enter general circulation, but any cassette tape source is at least 2 generations down from the master tapes (more if you didn’t trade directly with me). This newer remaster was made circa 2000 at the dawn of the CD-R age, right from the master tapes. It may have been passed around in MP3 format, but has never been made available in non-lossy format….until now!

Thanks to whotrader for posting.!qrIGDKDS!IVNsUMXkZRhlTZHleS7rSA